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Starting a new business can be time-consuming and seem overwhelming. Where to start? How to build your brand? Where and how to get your products manufactured? And what about your go-to-market strategy?

There are many considerations to make. No matter where you are in the process or which part of your business you need input for, GINI Invest can help you. With a wide network and expertise within innovation processes and concept development, GINI Invest can offer you sparring, coaching or even management of specific tasks.


Sparring for everything from brand development, name processes and concept descriptions to brand equity, defining target audience, product design, etc.


Sparring for your marketing strategy, including social media such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

roduction of marketing material and content through a solid network of freelancers within graphic design, video, copywriting, web design, etc.


Sparring for your sales strategy in terms of pricing, retailers, etc.

Access to a wide network of retailers, distributors, etc.


Access to a global network of manufacturers (within textile and cosmetics, among others).

Management of contact and negotiations with manufacturers.

Coordination and responsibility for production of your products down to every detail, including securing the best materials and the highest quality at the best price per unit.

* GINI Invest also offers production of customised workwear with your company’s logo, colours, etc.

“It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen.”
- Scott Belsky, co-founder of Behance.

About GINI Invest

GINI Invest is a consultancy business with expertise in entrepreneurship and innovation. The company was founded in 2014 by owner Martin Mollerup and has since then worked with several quality brands, including:

Lund Brandhouse

GINI Invest is the founder and co-owner of this Danish brandhouse. Lund Brandhouse owns and distributes unique quality brands on a global scale, while also functioning as incubator for passionate entrepreneurs.

Eric the Sailor

New Scandinavian series of swim trunks for men, inspired by the tale of an old sailor’s adventurous life at sea. Eric the Sailor is founded and designed by GINI Invest. Despite selling a part of the company in 2017, GINI Invest still acts as co-owner and manages areas such as development and production.


Since the founding in 2014, GINI Invest has been behind the successful Danish grooming brand Barberians until the sale of the company in 2017. Today, Barberians’ products are sold all over Denmark in leading Danish barbershops and stores.


Legro is a Danish gardening business focusing on ecology and Danish quality. In 2017, Legro decided that it was time to rethink their brand and website. Through concept development, video production and a new, modern website, GINI Invest delivered a whole new visual identity for the Danish company, lifting their brand to match the current standards of today.

Pullerom Art & Design

Pullerum Art & Design is GINI Invests own brand, combining graphic illustrations and traditional paintings in a Scandinavian, minimalistic design.

Contact GINI Invest at, and let us discuss your project and your needs.


The pricing depends on each project, it’s scope and the services included. Depending on your project, the right solution can either be an hourly consultancy fee, a fixed project management fee or a collaboration.

If your project needs services from GINI Invest’s global network of manufacturers, distributors and freelancers, the invoicing of these will be included in the total price.

Reach out to discuss your project, and together, we will find the best solution for you and your business.

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Martin Lund Mollerup

Ambitious and energetic entrepreneur with a creative worldview and a passion for product development, design and marketing. With a bachelor’s degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from Copenhagen Business Academy and San Diego State University in California along with several entrepreneurial adventures in the bag, Martin has achieved a deep understanding of innovation processes and business development. Most recently, Martin has experienced great success as the founder of the popular Danish grooming brand Barberians Cph and the new clothing brand Eric the Sailor, where he was responsible for everything from idea through execution. Despite his age, Martin has thus already established a global network of manufacturers and distributors, ensuring the best circumstances for the production of any good. With him from own previous projects, he brings a specialisation within textile and cosmetics, as well as a well grounded routine in starting new businesses – from strategy to manufacturing and marketing. There is never far from idea to action, and the energetic drive to make things happen is not to be mistaken. With an eye for trends and a passion for innovation, Martin is always looking for his next adventure.

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